In 2017 on the basis of business vertical of specialized container transportation within the framework of PJSC TransContainer the daughter company LLC SpecTransContainer was established as a unique competence center for development of specialized container transportations. 

LLC SpecTransContainer offers transportation services in specialized containers as follows:

  • Тank-containers and Flexi-tanks – for liquids, chemicals and gases;
  • Reefer and Thermos containers – for perishable goods.;
  • Open-top – containers – for oversized cargoes;
  • Hard-top –containers –for transporting of metal industry goods;
  • Bulk- containers – for bulk cargoes.;

The major services of our Company:

  • railway container transportations;
  • autotransport container transportations;
  • sea and river container transportations;
  • terminal handling of cargoes;
  • forwarding and logistics services;
  • customs services;
  • temporary storage warehouse services;

LLC SpecTransContainer offers services in 98 Sales offices of Mother company – PJSC TransContainer. That ensures individual approach and quality of services for every client within the framework of logistics chains and every cargo shipment, regardless of any size of shipment – huge volume or small consigment.

To obtain information by phone +7 (495) 781-18-18 or leave a request for a call back

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